"I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it."

William Shakespeare

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Where has the time gone?!  Ok, I wish I could say I have been creating like a mad woman for the last couple months but that my friends would be a lie!  I have managed to make a few little odds and ends but seem to be in a rut!

The last few months have been full of activities ending, the flood beginning (again and again or just non stop!), my favorite local scrap store closing, and wishing for the rain to end so the swimming pool that is scattered all over the backyard could be finally assembled!

With only a few weeks left before school comes to an end I need to find my get up and go and get my room put back together.  That has been 1 step forward and 3 steps back. . . . I may need to hire a maid just to organize that space because I seem to get sidetracked so easily down there and end up playing instead of painting and organizing! lol!  I did get some painting done yesterday but now I really need to organize and shelf my 4" + stack of Graphic 45 papers. . . and all the other stuff I have some how accumulated!  My obsession/collection of mists, glams, paper and bling are steadily increasing. . .sometimes I wonder who keeps buying it all????!!!! LOL!  The more I try and clean up the more piles I end up with that need to be organized!!! I do believe I am in a losing battle!!!!

I have been creating and enjoying making mini albums with no purpose what so ever!  Sometimes its nice to just sit and play with products you like and create something that isn't specific for this picture or that picture.  I must say I am loving Maya Road's Zipper Trim. . . .love it!

Now for those of you who are wondering now what that PBS has closed. . . .please let me know if you have anything in particular you may like to see a class on.  With the terrible weather I should really start using my time to plan ahead for some fall classes. . . so please let me know if there are any products, techniques etc you would like to play and create with and we'll see what we can do!

Happy Scrappin'!