"I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it."

William Shakespeare

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Well well well. . . where has the time gone.  So much for my once a month blog posts! lol!  This time I really do have some good excuses.  Not only was I teaching classes, but the hubby and I have been renovating (which is an ongoing process)!
One of the projects was to change the flooring in my scrap room from carpet to laminate. . . ."YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!"  Then it happened. . . .the realization that I would have to empty the entire room in order to make this possible. . . . all I can say is OMG! WHO BOUGHT ALL THAT STUFF?????  Obviously some intervention is needed!!!  Who knew?  It honestly took us longer to empty the room than it did to change the flooring!!! I have been putting it back together for over a week!!!!!!

I should also probably tell you about my new cabinet!  I found it in the local classifieds . . and fell in love.  My hubby went to check it out and said we would be back the next day to dismantle it and take it home. . . easier said than done!! This cabinet was 8.5' tall and over 6' wide!! It was located up 2 flights of stairs in a store.  It took 4 trips to get it all down the stairs!!! But after some minor modifications (chopping off the top of it!) it has now made its way down to my room.  Yeah! So that is it in a nutshell. . .the room is almost finished . . I have to admit I got sidetracked and had to have a play day!  I promise to post new pictures in the next few days. 

The other exciting thing that took place was that after gentle prodding from Melissa I finally submitted something to Graphic 45!  Within a few days they put the photo up on their site and by the end of the week they had ran it on their blog!!! I was shocked!  

This is another exciting week!  Please check out Melissa's site!  Not only is she running some of my Graphic 45 creations BUT she is also having a giveaway of $50 for her online store! LOVE IT!!! Be sure to check back daily and leave a comment every day for your chance to win!!!!!

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