"I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it."

William Shakespeare

Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015. . .will it be the year?

Well where or where has the time gone.  Sadly I see it has been over 2 years since I posted. . .so much for getting better at it!  Seems life gets in the way. . .day to day stuff, kids, family, health,  moving, renovating etc.  The list is long.  We all have things on our plates and things that get in the way! 

Well it is a new year. . . so here's hoping!

As I mentioned we moved at the end of 2013 and spent most of our down time in 2014 renovating and updating our house. . . excepted of course during "Pool Season". . NOTHING gets done during that time! lol!

So again in this house our basement is my craft area. . we are back to a work in progress type area but it will get there.  We have found a few new little items to repurpose and I know that will continue. Sometimes you stumble upon the best items when you least expect it!  Funny how my husband finds lots of projects to makes for my craftroom! 

Some things never change. . . no matter how good my intentions are of "cleaning up" my space I always get sidetracked!  Then when I finally set out to create something my table suddenly shrinks and the once tidy space is down to a 4" x 4" space!  Ahhh the magic of the ever mounting craft supplies!

Well my hopes for 2015 are many.  I hope to start to use some of my ever increasing stash. . . to not be afraid to use that favorite paper . . . you know the ones I'm talking about. . . . . . Those "what if I make something and then I think of a better use for it and have none left" papers!  We all have them. . . those papers and embellishments that cause us to become a hoarder more than a crafter lol!  So this is the plan.  To CREATE as much as I can. . . to push myself and possible throw in a class or two! Maybe just maybe I will even actually art journal. . .dare to dream! 

First on the agenda. . . . creating some cards and possibly a perpetual calendar from Graphic 45's Time to Flourish collection. . . . . . . now where are those paper packs!  Ha Ha Ha!

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  1. This will be fantastic. Looking forward to this.